NAME: Daniel Baker
BIRTHPLACE: United Kingdom NATIONALITY: Duel Australian and British
LOVES: New experiences and self discovery
HATES: Feeling stagnant

Why Did I Start Travelling?

Since I was about 12, I’d had one goal: to be a film composer, and I worked hard towards reaching that dream. A couple of years ago I abruptly came to realise that my life wasn’t playing out how I wanted it to. I was in a massive amount of denial.

This was challenging for me, and I started feeling lost, down and confused for quite a long time. A good friend suggested I write a bucket list, so I did, and I was surprised to find that almost everything on it was either related to travel or self-improvement.

Eventually, I came to the decision: “Screw it, let’s go overseas and see what happens!” So, I booked a one-way ticket out of Australia in the hope of finding direction and meaning. I have not regretted a single second of it since!

From the moment I was dropped off at the airport in Melbourne, I knew it was the right decision. When I was landing in the plane, looking down at the bikes and houses of Vietnam, I quietly said to myself, “This is gonna be gooooood”.

What Do I Hope To Achieve By Travelling?

Good question!

I want to experience life outside the little bubble I’m used to, outside of my comfort zone. I’d like to gain more life skills and understand myself better.

Perhaps traveling and living in different countries will give me more perspective on what really matters. And if I can help other people improve their lives through my own learning and self-experiments along the way, I’d be delighted.

I’m also on a side quest to find the world’s best Piña Colada EVER!