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Developing yourself to become the person you want to be is exciting, scary and absolutely worth it. It can create new meanings and give you fulfilment in your life. It’s about taking responsibility for yourself, your thoughts and your actions, to understand how you think and change yourself for the better.

Finding Nemo

Great MOVIES to watch when DEPRESSED

When we're depressed sometimes all we want to do is watch a good movie to lift our spirits, make us laugh, or...
Music for depression Dan of the World

The BEST MUSIC to listen to when DEPRESSED

This is a question that everyone wants the answer to, so I'm here to explain some of the best music you can...
New Years Chiang Mai lanterns in sky 2

Rig the game to win: The SECRET to REGAIN CONFIDENCE during...

I once had depression. I had it so bad that it ruined my life. It made me cry for no reason, it...
Dan of the World mental breakdown


Do you think you or someone you know might be having a nervous or mental breakdown? If you are then this is...
Dan of the World stuck in a rut

What does STUCK in a RUT mean?

Being stuck in a rut is something we've all experienced at one point or another in our lives. It could be a...
Brad Baker photography

Why you should USE a PROFESSIONAL

Recently I received an e-mail from my website host telling me I needed to upgrade my PHP to the latest version. I...
Popular life coach niches

What to look for when choosing a LIFE COACH COURSE

Great! You want to be a life coach! Now what do you do? These were questions I asked myself a while ago...

This is WHAT HAPPENS after 6 months at the GYM

I've been going to the gym an average of four times a week, for a bit over 6 months. It's something I've...
Dan of the World books

Why are BOOKS better than MOVIES?

I'm sure you’ve uttered the phrase, "The book was way better than the movie" after seeing a film based on a book....
Dan of the World word list example

How to WRITE EVERY WORD you know.

Since learning Chinese I've been increasingly interested in words. I've never really thought about it but there is literally a word for...


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