Australia is bigger than Europe and it’s the only place in the world you can find koalas and kangeroos.

Australia has lush tropical rainforests, snow covered mountains and deserts. The centre is called the outback or ‘big red’ because of the colour of the sand, and it’s home to the Great Barrier Reef which is the largest living thing on earth.

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Being VEGETARIAN in Australia, Vietnam and Taiwan

I've been vegetarian for about four years now, I was even vegan for about six months. I chose to be vegetarian because...

What’s the one thing I can’t travel without?

When we travel there are usually things that we always seem to bring with us, and I'm not talking about the obvious things like...
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3 Things you need to know about using your money overseas

I've spent the vast majority of the last two years living overseas. I've been all over Vietnam and I've just started living in Taiwan. What's...
Baker Brother drinking

What Americans think of Australians – I set the record straight

During the course of my travels I've met a lot of people from the United States of America, it could be fellow travellers or...
Waiting at Aussie World

Why am I saying goodbye to everyone AGAIN?

At the moment I’m travelling to Brisbane International Airport on a shuttle bus, I’m going to Taiwan. It’s dark outside except for the red...
Newtown graffiti

The Graffiti of Newtown

Newtown is considered one of the most cool, vibrant and forward thinking suburbs in Sydney. It's about a 20 minute bus ride to the...
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What’s it like travelling with electronics?

Whether you spend most of your time on the road or only travel once a year, the chances are you're going to take some...
Bridge in Castaways beach

What’s it like coming home after living overseas?

About three weeks ago I touched down in Australia after living in Vietnam for one and a half years. Over there I'd been travelling...
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28 Days Before

What do you do when you're coming to the end of something? The big exam you've been studying for, the holiday that finishes tomorrow,...
Mungo National Park

What you need to know before travelling to Australia

I'm going to write about everything you should consider before you even set foot in Australia. Australia has every climate known to man, it has...


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