Why comfort zones can be a good thing

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I speak a lot on here about the importance of avoiding comfort zones. I talk about how you can only really grow and learn when you’re outside of your comfort zone. When I wrote about travelling vs living in a different country I made it pretty clear that not being in a comfort zone was a thing that should be embraced, and I still think that is true. But there are times when a comfort zone is just what’s needed.

When is a comfort zone ok?

Well the answer to this is easy: anytime it’s ok. There aren’t any rules you need to follow and everyone makes their own decisions about their life. You can spend your whole life in one big comfortable space, and it’ll feel nice, but I feel you won’t know yourself as well as someone who’s experienced a lot of discomfort. I know this because when you’re outside of your comfort zone you need to adapt, to change your routine, do new things. When you do these new things you learn more about yourself. It’s that simple.

But what about a comfort zone being a good thing? Or a things that’s needed? Or even essential? I think it’s when you’re healing, or going through a transition, or when you’re feeling vulnerable.

Change can make you extremely vulnerable

You know when people sometimes say “I need a drink”, and they ain’t talking about a hot cup of tea? This is a little piece of comfort for them. Or if they say “god I need a smoke”? Again another source of comfort. Well what about when you know someone who’s just been dumped by their partner and they do nothing but stay inside watching movies eating chocolate? Yep a comfort zone. Geez there is even comfort food. Lots of comfort here.

Comfort zones are where you heal

When something shit happens in your life it’s totally ok to fully embrace a comfort zone, it gives you time to be in a safe place to get you back to your amazing self. It’s basically whatever makes you feel better: a walk in nature, playing games non stop for 8 hours, having a netflix and ice cream binge, hanging with friends/family, working, whatever it is you do that makes you feel safe and better.

There are no challenges in a comfort zone, which is why it’s ideal for healing. A comfort zone can cloak you in a big warm blanket to make you feel less vulnerable.

Have the bad feelings in a comfort zone

Recently I had a couple of big realisations, some truths about myself that were highlighted for me and it made me feel incredibly vulnerable, like I didn’t know myself, and it felt shit. I felt uneasy and almost on the verge of tears, of panic, I felt like I didn’t know what the hell was going on with my feelings. So what did I do? I bought four cans of coke, some chocolate and proceeded to watch 8 episodes of Z Nation on Netflix. It was utterly anti social and time wasting and you know what, I really do not care because it was just what I needed to feel a bit better. It was what I needed to begin to process all the crap in my head in a safe place.

This is when comfort zones are great and needed. It’s when you need to heal and take refuge. Too much of anything is bad, so make sure when you’re back on your feet to slowly start coming out of the comfort zone. If you’re healed, or feeling better, you don’t need the zone anymore.



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