It’s good to stop and reflect every now and then

Brad Baker Photography reflection

If you’ve been following my blog you know I’ve been in Taiwan a short time, a week today in fact. This time last week I was passed out in my hotel room after a nine hour over night flight.

It’s been rough, and lonely, but I feel I’m breaking through, I’ve stopped and smelt the roses.

Stop and smell the… life

Roses are lovely and colourful and smell good, so to stop and smell the roses is to think about everything that is fine and dandy.

It’s actually a good thing to do, what’s wrong with essentially forgetting about all your problems for a bit and just enjoying the moment? Nothing, we should stop and smell the roses, more people should do it more often.

It’s not forgetting our problems, it’s just the positives outweighing the negatives

Working towards getting what you want

I have a HUGE tendency to¬†not stop and smell the roses. I’d rather lay in bed watching Netflix and get the frigging roses delivered to me. That’s why I’ve found being here a bit difficult. Even though I’ve travelled before, now I’m again in a situation with no one to help me, I’m on my own again, doing adult things.

I’ve discovered, or rather I’m re-discovering that life isn’t always easy, and to expect it to be easy is utterly unrealistic. We would all rather have no money problems, or other problems, but that simply doesn’t happen.

Thinking life is easy isn’t realistic, it’d be like looking at it through an advertisers lens: It doesn’t represent how life actually works or how life actually is.

life is a mix of easy and hard, and it’s constantly sliding between them

Results can happen quickly

When I wrote to my friends and family at home I mentioned that Taiwan has felt easy, it’s almost gone exactly how I thought it would (apart from the feelings of isolation and loneliness, I didn’t expect them).

But is my ‘easy’ the same as another persons ‘easy’? No. Perhaps what I’m doing is really hard. In the space of a week I’ve travelled to another country, gotten a SIM card, got a job interview in another city, moved to that city, done the interview, got the job, and now I’m planning to move into my new accommodation. I’m also planning to start work and look at renting a bike and joining a gym. All in a week, in a non-English speaking country! Is that easy? It’s felt it.

It all felt so easy, wow! Why? I have no idea, maybe because I’ve travelled and worked in Asia before.

Taking a reflective pause

Today I stopped and smelled the roses, and as I currently sit in my massive hotel room with views of the city writing this, I think ‘well Dan you have done all that, you’ve even started venturing further to get local food’.

They’re small accomplishments as there is still so much I want to achieve here (like going to the gym and motorbiking around the country and learning the language), but it’s still nice all the same.

Look back on what you’ve achieved in the last week, it’s probably a lot more than you think.

stop and smell the roses

The cover photo is a water reflection taken by my brother Brad. He’s an exceptional photographer and you can see breathtaking and unusual photos on his website Brad Baker Photography.


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