The SECRET to making a decision you don’t know how to make

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Have you ever had to make a decision in your life, and you’re not quite sure how to make it? There’s a very simple trick you can do that will make the decision clear, and will tell you what decision you want to make.

We all make choices

I wrote a post about how do you make the right decision? And in this post I explain that making the harder choice is often the right choice, because if we go through life choosing the easy way, we’re not actually making any choices at all.

But those are usually big, life changing things. However what if it’s only a small decision we need to make, like you sort of do and don’t want to go to that party you were invited to. What do you do then?

flip a coin!

Flip a coin – it’s that simple

Yep, it’s not some ancient Chinese wisdom or proverb, or some secret meditation exercise that all the rich people do. It’s getting a coin out of your pocket and flipping it.

Why’s it that simple? Well here’s the secret: when you flip a coin, and the coin leaves your hand spinning its way up, your mind will decide which way it wants the coin to fall.

So do you go to the party or not? You try the technique and get a coin out and say to yourself “heads I go, tails I don’t”. When you flip the coin, you’ll instinctively think “tails, tails, tails, tails!”

Whether you choose to or not, your mind will go to the decision it wants.

Flipping a coin gives you no time to think

The thing about flipping a coin is that you know it’s only in the air for a short time, so essentially your mind gets rid of all the clutter and excuses, and goes straight to the core of how you’re feeling.

This core feeling, or gut feeling, will come out in your inevitable ‘wishing’ of how the coin will land. Your gut feeling is what you need to listen to, and you should listen to it because your gut feeling is the real you talking.

Flipping the coin lets you know what you really want

Now I’m not saying you should always follow the coin flip. You can if you want, and you might have a pretty wild time for a bit, but essentially you won’t be in control of your life if you do that.

But, if you do have a decision you need to make that you’re unsure of, if you flip the coin at least you’ll know where you really stand. Knowing where you stand is a great thing, because now you can use that knowledge to make the right decision for you.

knowledge is power!

Use your new power wisely

Ok so you were wondering if you should go to the party or not. You sort of feel obliged to go, but really you can’t be bothered. You did the coin flip and mid air you wanted it to land on tails: not go. It lands on heads so now you need to go.

No, you don’t need to go! You can do whatever you like, but at least now you know your true feelings on the matter. Maybe this will lead to other thoughts which have a bit more meaning, such as ‘why don’t I want to go?’ or ‘am I just being lazy right now?’ or even ‘well I’ll go because it’s the right thing to do, even though I know I don’t want to”.

These thoughts are great because they’re your true feelings, this is your true self talking.

anything you can do to understand your true self is a magical thing

The coin flip can take the pressure off

So lets assume you genuinely don’t care if you stay or go to the party, but you’ve been invited so you want to make a decision either way.

Use the coin toss and go with the decision. If it says go, then go. If it says don’t go, you stay at home. Or maybe, just maybe, when you make that coin toss your mind will flick 1% in either direction, showing your true feelings on how you really feel about it. And which ever way it falls it will make you feel better because you have clarity on it.

You might have thought you were indifferent about it, but the coin toss has revealed that part of you really did want to go. Or part of you really didn’t want to go. Now you know!

Try it next time, even as an experiment on yourself, it’s actually quite fun.

who would’ve thought that flipping a coin could bring so much meaning and understanding into your life!


  1. I never do this before but i have seen a film about a man who dicided to do everythings following the flipping cone. His life became hilarious, entangled, etc. After all, he knew what he really wanted.

    Sometimes, i let me czary to agree with all the suggestions and see where it leads me.


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