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Recently I received an e-mail from my website host telling me I needed to upgrade my PHP to the latest version. I have no idea what PHP is, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to change my attitude of “I’ll do it later”, and upgrade it straight away, plus, learn a few things!

I did a quick search about how to do it, found something that seemed straight forward enough to follow, and logged into cPanel. For those of you that don’t know, cPanel is the place where you go to create new e-mail accounts, publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, change passwords. Basically it’s the brain of your website.

I have very limited knowledge of cPanel and usually I ask my website developer, Jay, to do those things for me. This time though I wanted to take the initiative and learn it myself and not have to bother Jay.

It’s best to go with your gut feeling

Trusting your gut is an incredibly good thing to do. Essentially your gut is all your life experience and wisdom rolled into one wise place. Sometimes when you don’t know which decision to make, or you need to make a difficult decision, it’s our gut feeling that sways us one way or the other. Put simply: our gut tells us what we should really do.

While I was doing my PHP research I had a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I should just call Jay and see if he could do it. As I’m not confident with cPanel I could accidentally do something bad and ruin my site. However, I didn’t listen to my gut and I decided to do it myself.

disaster strikes

Making my website disappear

I logged into cPanel, double clicked the phpBB3 icon, was asked if I wanted to install it, and I clicked yes. That was my first mistake, instead of upgrading PHP, I had in fact installed bulletin board software over my entire site, similar to Reddit. All my posts, videos and pages were replaced by a single, big white page that said “your first forum, 0 members”. Bugger.

Having realized my mistake, and starting to sweat slightly, I went back into cPanel to uninstall phpBB3 hoping it would undo the damage. That was my second mistake.

Clicking the wrong installer
Clicking the wrong thing because I didn’t really know what I was doing


Before I uninstalled phpBB3 I was greeted with a message that said “Are you sure you want to uninstall? This action is permanent.” I clicked “Yes”. Bugger.

Dan of the World becomes a 403 – Error

I thought this would fix the problem, but instead my website became a glorious 403 – Forbidden error. When I went to my site, that’s what I saw. Needless to say the panic set in.

If I had gone with my gut, and asked Jay to do it, it would have been utterly fine.

Dan of the World 403 - forbidden error
For a number of hours, anyone who went to my site was greeted by this. Very unprofessional!

If it’s important, get a professional to do it

We’re human, our brains have limited storage capacity, it’s impossible to know everything about everything. We have professionals for a reason: to do the shit we can’t.

The next time you’re considering doing something that you’re not quite sure of, consider the idea of hiring a professional to do it for you. You should particularly heed this advice if it’s something important, like a website that’s your main form of communication.

We wouldn’t try and fix a broken leg ourselves, or try and fix our car if it’s something major. We ask someone who has extensive experience and knowledge to do it for us. If your gut is saying that this is something you probably shouldn’t do, trust it, as it hasn’t let you down in the past.

Save yourself a lot of time, stress and worry by asking a pro to do it. Go with your gut!

If you’d like more life advice and brain hacks take a look at my self development page. You’ll find more interesting and in-depth posts such as how to stop procrastinating, how to start traveling without fear and giving yourself power and confidence by learning how to say: No!


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