I’m coming BACK to AUSTRALIA soon

Taiwan has been nice and smooth so far, nothing really bad or really good has happened. I’m still sort of counting down the months until I leave Gloria, and giving myself little time goalposts. I find making these goalposts good for breaking it up into manageable chunks, rather than an overwhelming ‘oh crap I have 11 months left’ chunk.

Time goalposts

When I first started working my first goalpost was to start getting regularly paid. You do a lot of training and subbing before you get regular classes. When you do get regular classes, you have to wait another three weeks before you get paid.

Regular payment was my first goalpost.

The second goalpost was Chinese New Year, that has come and gone. The third goalpost is Memorial Day, which I’m currently in. I’m laying on my bed with the heater on writing this, deciding what to do with my three remaining days off. I’m thinking natural hot springs and visiting an extinct volcano is the ticket.

The next goalpost is going back to Australia, that’ll signify nearly 5 months here. It’s not like I’m wishing for the time to go, but I had little idea how little time we’d get for travelling here: you get a single day off per week. I would really like to stop the monotony of teaching and get out on the road.

I’m visiting Australia for a wedding

My brother is getting married, and as soon as he told me I quickly got time off and booked flights so I could be there for the wedding. I only have about 10 days off, but it’ll be enough time to go there with no real rushing.

I’m going to go to Vietnam for a few days first, to Ho Chi Minh City to catch up with some friends there. That’ll be great as I love Vietnam and I think eventually I’ll settle down there.

I’m not too concerned that I’m only in Australia for a week and a bit, it only feels like yesterday I left the place, so I doubt much has changed since I left.

The goalpost experiment

It’s been interesting having time goalposts. I find that when I reach the goalpost I’m really relieved, and all the stress of the previous weeks work instantly gets melted away, and I get a lot of strength back.

I’m going to keep this ‘up-coming feeling’ in mind for the coming months, to make more of an effort to do things. I know that my contract will finish before I know it, and I want to make sure, during that time of feeling utterly relieved and refreshed, that I don’t say to myself “shit Dan, you didn’t do a lot when you could’ve”.

A great sense of accomplishment happens when you make an effort to do things, even during difficult times in your life. I’m preparing myself now for that eventual feeling I know I’ll have after on. The feeling of being relieved and refreshed, coupled with the sense of achievement.

Experiencing these feelings (which I didn’t know would happen) when I reached a goalpost, is allowing me to properly prepare for future ones. I’m making sure I feel ten times better when the goalposts are crossed.

if you can set yourself up to win, why not do it?



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