The REALITY of an APOCALYPSE – has my fantasy come true?

Dan of the World

The world is in a weird place right now, no one in our lifetime has ever seen something like this happen, they’ve never seen a pandemic of this scale, of course I’m talking about COVID-19. I see memes on Facebook joking about the apocalypse, but is this what an apocalypse looks like? Is it a slow gradual decline in society with no one too worried? Or is it street gangs, zombies craving brains and tribe mentality which is so frequently depicted in the movies?

I have an affinity for the apocalypse, it’s always been a dark fantasy of mine: that the world would experience a massive event and the money system would collapse and we’d essentially all have to live from our own skill.

The reality of an apocalypse isn’t as fun

The world isn’t in an apocalypse, but it gives us a taste of what it could be like, in the beginning at least. In my thoughts of an apocalypse none of my family are affected and I’m safe in some kind of secure location I’ve made myself, free to roam wherever I will.

Some things I didn’t consider were:
1 – The government will increase its powers considerably to try and control whatever is happening – limiting our freedoms slowly while life seems to be normal-ish.
2 – People would be trapped in whatever country they’re in, without any form of escape.
3 – People get hurt, get worried and die.
4 – Going outside would be unsafe.
5 – Normal things would be so time consuming and difficult while the world slowly changed. Things such as trying to get money from the government, calling to cancel a credit card, trying to get a mobile phone SIM card etc.

All of these things you don’t think about when you consider the world resetting. I do very much like the idea of no bank accounts, no dull 9-5, an end to utterly bizarre rules like having to stop and turn your car engine off before you even touch your phone (an absurd rule currently in Australia).

I very much like the idea of people relying on their skill to survive, rather than their wallets. It would put things on a level playing ground for the most part: the billionaire and his fleet of sports cars doesn’t mean shit if you don’t have fuel or any need for money.

I’m not saying I want to live in a log cabin in the woods, however it would be nice if “money” wasn’t the end game in life. Think about how many times you’re heard a politician talk about the importance of having a strong economy, compared to having a content population. It’s always show me the money! Nothing else seems to matter.

Road from Kenting to Taitung volcanic beach 3
Where is everyone?

The vulnerable suffer

That fantasy I have is quite cruel: the end of days and survival of the fittest. What about old people, sick people, disabled people, kids? In an apocalypse it’s the weakest or more vulnerable that are the first to go. This is evident in the fact that the current COVID-19 virus has a much higher mortality rate in older people. We are literally seeing this now.

My twisted fantasy of an apocalypse is built in fiction, in movies I enjoy and stories in books. It’s not based in reality. The reality of the situation is that people hurt and worry, people I care about. I have friends who are genuinely worried about their house/job/rent/bills. I have family trapped overseas who have no way of getting home because 99% of international flights have stopped and airports have closed.

The reality of a negative global event, where money is still very much an essential part of life, is that it’s not fun. It sucks.

Dan of the World wad of cash

Things are worse when you experience them

When you watch a zombie apocalypse series or movie you’re a spectator. You can’t feel the cold, experience the hunger, feel the pain or injury. You can pause and get a coffee or even turn it off if you freak out too much.

When it happens to you and you experience it, it’s much worse. Now of course we don’t have people dying in piles in the street, or gangs of looters getting all the food. We don’t have people sneaking from house to house trying to avoid the brain hungry zombies. None of that is happening, but we do have worry, death, severe government control, panic and confusion. It’s not nice to be in amongst all that, especially when it affects people I love.

The end of the apocalypse

It seems life won’t get better any time soon either. I have every confidence that eventually the world will get back to normal, albeit everyone a little bit wiser, hopefully world leaders are included in that group.

For now we’ll have to heed to the advice of the experts and make do with what we can. I myself will also have to realize that while I see an apocalypse through rose and entertainment tinted glasses, when it starts to happen it really is quite shit.


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