How to USE LOCKERS at the Taipei METRO

Dan of the World Taipei Metro lockers

Whether you’re waiting for your flight, or have checked out of you hotel and are waiting to check in to the new one, you probably don’t want your luggage with you. Using the storage lockers at one of the Taipei Metro stations is a great solution.

Here’s how to use them.

Check which stations have lockers available

Some metro stations only have a small number of large lockers, so if you can pre-check their availability, that’d save you a lot of time. You can check the up to date availability of lockers on the Metro website.

How to use Taipei Metro storage lockers

Step 1 – Find the lockers

It will tell you on the Metro website which gate they’re at. Or you can look at the map at the station. Failing that ask someone at the information center, they usually speak English quite well.

Step 2 – Put your things in and go to the touch screen

The touch screen has an English setting and you literally follow the prompts. Select ‘store’, then confirm which locker, then you pay. Most storage lockers are $20TWD per hour, you can pay with cash, OPay, LINE pay or an Easy Card. Remember to close the locker door once you’ve paid!

Dan of the World Taipei Metro locker touch screen
Select English and either store or retrieve
Dan of the World Taipei Metro locker touch screen
Dan of the World Taipei Metro lockers

Step 3 – Take the receipt

Once you’ve paid the machine will give you a receipt. Make sure you keep it somewhere safe, or it’ll cost you around $300TWD to open the locker. The receipt has your PIN code which you need to open the locker.

Dan of the World Taipei Metro locker receipt

How big are the lockers?

The big ones are quite big, I could fit a large duffle bag type backpack, plus my motorbike helmet. The Taipei Metro website gives you exact dimensions.

How long can you keep things in a locker?

You can leave you luggage in the locker until the station closes.

When you pay, you only pay $20TWD initially. If you need to use the locker for 8-10-12-x hours, that’s okay, you’ll pay for it at the end. You might think you’ve only paid for an hour, but don’t worry, your things are safe. The locker will stay locked until you come back to pay. If you use it for 6 hours and 30 minutes, you’ll pay for 7 hours.

It took me three receipts and asking the information counter to figure this out! I kept putting in $20TWD and it gave me a receipt, and I thought I want it longer than an hour! So I’d retrieve my luggage, then go through the process again by trying a $50 coin. Again, just one hour with $30 change! Argh! What, am I meant to come back every hour and reset it? No, I just need to know what the heck is going on and realize I pay for it all at the end.

I hope this helped you navigate the easy but slightly confusing process of paying for a locker. For a lot more information about Taiwan, have a look at my Taiwan page.


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