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This blog was originally meant to be a travel blog about exploring places that aren’t tourist hotspots. However it quickly turned into something else, I’ve turned it into a self development blog, but I still write about travel.

This happened for two reasons: 1) When I started travelling I found myself working and not travelling so much, so it was hard to continuously write about places. 2) I found I was thinking about self development a lot, and I enjoy giving advice and trying to help people better their lives.

Before you continue reading you should have a look at my self development posts. I have loads of useful and helpful posts covering many normal life challenges. Things like how to make a hard decision, the benefits of being bored, how to understand and make the most of regret, how to make friends overseas and a bucket load more.

I came to Taiwan to save for a degree, initially…

After I’d finished travelling in Vietnam I went back to Australia to rest, and to see the people I love. However I soon found myself treading water again and eager to head back out to work, and through a process of elimination I chose Taiwan.

A goal for me is to work somewhere in the Middle East, I love the idea of constantly hot weather, and they’re the best paying teaching jobs anywhere in the world.

Through research I discovered that lots of jobs in the Middle East require you to either have a Masters in Education, or be a certified teacher. I have neither of these things. I decided to get a Masters of Education specialising in TESOL and so I looked up post graduate degrees in Australia.

During my research I saw the ridiculous price of the degrees, the cheapest was about $15,000 for a 1.5 year masters. But I figured it’d guarantee me a job, and so I came to Taiwan to save for my degree.

It turns out you don’t need a Masters of Education or be certified to teach in the Middle East

When I was researching working in the Middle East I got in touch with someone who’s worked there, and is part of the blog Expats Everywhere. They said a whole bunch of people get work there without having specialised degrees, and considering I already have a masters (in arts), it shouldn’t be tricky for me either.

She put me in touch with an English school in Saudi Arabia and they have an inviting 9 month contract. That’s as far as it’s gone so far, and they don’t hire teachers until August, but it’s given me hope that I can get a job there without a Masters in Education.

I realise I shouldn’t count my chickens, but from my experience of teaching thus far, this is enough for me to ditch my long, expensive “get another degree” idea.

Now I can spend my money on something else

Now that I don’t have to spend all my money on a degree, I can put it towards doing something else. I’m considering doing a life coaching course to become a certified life coach.

Wow! A life coach! It has a nice ring to it, but in all honesty I think I could do it now without being certified. However having a certification gives me more legitimacy, and I’m sure I’ll also learn a crap ton during the course.

I’ve only done limited research so far, and I’ve seen that courses range from about $50 right up to $10,000. Clearly I need to do a lot of research on this before I commit.

Can I be a life coach if I still have issues with my own life?

I’ve thought about this, and I think the answer is yes. True I’m not a digital entrepreneur yet, travelling the world at whim and essentially having the lifestyle I want, but that will all come.

I still have issues with procrastination and other things, but I’m trying to improve, and I am, and that’s a good start.

I think the one thing which has solidified this as a possibility for me, is that it would be a natural progression for me. I already give advice to people, I already enjoy talking to people about their lives. I feel I am a good listener and sounding board. I think I’ve come further than I realise, and perhaps things I see as obvious or easy, others don’t quite see that yet.

A life coach seems like a possible thing I can do, and it’d allow me to live anywhere in the world which is also appealing.

Now I’m about to embark the research stage, which will involve finding out what it is a life coach actually does, and what courses I can take.

Wish me luck! And I’ll keep you posted about the next development.



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