6 Things TO DO during a STOPOVER at SINGAPORE airport

I recently went back to Australia for my brother’s wedding. It was a short but throughly enjoyable trip. On my trip back from Melbourne to Taipei I had a 5 hour layover at Singapore airport, so I thought I’d check out some things that you can do there.

Here are some things you can do at Singapore airport if you have a short (or long) stopover there.

1. Take some good, long walks

Singapore airport is massive, and I mean super massive. It has four terminals, and each of them is big. I only stayed in terminal 2 because that’s where I landed and where my onward flight was leaving from.

We all know that sitting on planes isn’t the most comfy experience, especially if you need to sit down for 8+ hours. Singapore airport is great to just wander around and stretch your legs.

You can walk down long walkways that are so long you can’t even see the end of them. Along the edges are shops, nooks, crannies, places to buy food, gates, chairs, plants and prayer rooms.

You can slowly wander down, admiring the people. Or you can sit down and people watch, and ponder to yourself where they’re from, where they’re going, or what time zone they’re currently in.

Singapore airport walkway
Endless walkways

2. Chillout in the entertainment zone

After my whirlwind trip of Vietnam and my brother’s wedding in Australia, which involved a lot of socialising and ‘doing stuff’, I was a little bit tired. But it was the sort of tired that is good and content.

I could have wandered around for ages if I wanted to, but to be honest I wanted to find somewhere I could just sit down, away from all the hustle and bustle and relax for a few hours. I found that in the entertainment zone.

I was just aimlessly walking and found the cinema, that’s right, a whole freaking cinema! There’s no lines, no staff, just a movie timetable of all the latest movies, and you could come and go as you please. The chairs were big and the screen was big, it was essentially a normal cinema, just downscaled a bit.

Just outside the cinema are big, comfy chairs in very low lighting, which was perfect! If you want to chill I recommend this place. There’s also an isolated gaming booth too, so if you’re a gamer you can spend unlimited hours there.

Singapore airport cinema zone
The view from my seat outside the cinema, it was darker than this.
Singapore airport gaming zone
Feel like a spot of gaming?
Singapore airport Dan of the World relaxing
Dan of the World having a relax

3. Take a wander in the Sunflower Garden

In an outside section of the airport there is the Sunflower Garden, it’s right next to the cinema. I went for a slow stroll around this and it was quite relaxing. There’s seating if you want to just sit surrounded by all the yellow sunflowers and watch the planes coming in and going out.

As I was there quite late at night (from about 6pm-12 midnight) there were only a small number of people slowly wandering. As everyone is waiting for a flight no one is in a rush, it sort of reminded me of one of the elven gardens from Lord of the Rings: peace and tranquility.

Singapore airport sunflower garden
Close to a row of sunflowers
Singapore airport sunflower garden
There were hundreds of these big flowers in the garden

4. See the indoor garden and pond

In the middle of the terminal there is a lovely big garden. It has a big wooden walkway you can cross, and there are seats nestled in the garden.

It’s quite a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle and flashing lights of the airport. The garden isn’t huge, but it’s enough to immerse yourself in it.

It’s right in the middle of the terminal so it’s quite hard to miss. If you have hours to kill the indoor garden is a great area to kill some time in.

Singapore airport indoor garden
A birds eye view of the indoor pond

5. Use the free Internet

If you want to use the internet you’ll need your passport (which is handy as you’ll have it within easy reach), and you’ll need to find one of the hundreds of internet kiosks.

At the kiosk you insert your passport, get given a code, and you are given three hours to access the net on your device. If you have two devices it’s easy, just get a second code.

Once your time has expired you can just scan your passport again and get more free WIFI.

Singapore airport free internet
I took a photo of my code as I didn’t enter it into my phone straight away

6. Enjoy the countless shops, restaurants or lounges

All throughout the airport and terminals were places to eat, places you could buy duty free, convenience stores, souvenir shops, clothing stores and many others.

Granted it’s all above normal prices, but there’s basically every cuisine you can think off, in an award winning food court, so make the most of it.

You won’t get bored wandering around the shops, you have the time so why not go window shopping?

On the second floor there are all the lounges. You can pay to go into some of them. I only saw one which was $89 to get in for unlimited booze and food. I can’t remember the airline, but if you’re at the airport for a while I’d definitely recommend staying in a lounge. It’s utterly relaxing, quiet and everything is free.

In summary

Singapore airport has a lot of things to check out to keep you entertained while you wait. You can ‘luxury it up’ in a lounge, see a movie, go to the gym, play games, eat food, buy things from the hundreds of shops. You can spend time outside in the garden, or inside by the garden and pond, or you can walk the miles of terminal building to stretch your legs.

True I didn’t explore as fully as I could, but after a seven hour flight, late at night, with a five hour flight ahead of me, I really wanted to find a quiet space to sit and chill, and I did.


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